Develope teamwork skills, supporting each other, working in cooperation to further their collective, dedicated training goals. “Organized like a team and fighting like a family"


Brotherhood is accomplished through respect and integrity, sportsmanship, respect and support each other. “Keep the Legacy Alive”


Master Carlos Gracie Jr. said in 2010, “One school in each city in the world.” Our entire organization is in the pursuit of this ambitious goal for the many years to come through thoughtful and enthusiastic development.

Let's Have Fun!

Are your kids ready for a power packed Summer Camp experience? Our Unique Summer Camp is full of fun activities for your children. We’re doing Priority Registration Only!


Games will be played on the gym’s mat, where there is a lot of space available for your child to have fun in a safe way. All games will be educational, with the purpose of developing friendship, cooperation, kindness, respect and rules. Your child will have lots of fun while cultivating community values and creating leadership skills. In addition, your child will develop team work and cooperation while being involved in controlled activities. All games will be supervised by capable instructors, who will ensure your child’s safety and happiness.


Movies will be played in order to give a relaxing time for your child. This way your child will be able to cool down and have a break from the other activities while still having fun. All movies will follow educational purposes.


Storytelling will be the time to promote your child’s creativity and imagination. All kids will have a safe space to express their individuality through themed stories and, with the help of instructors, present them to their friends.

Board Games

Board games will further encourage your child’s respect for rules and norms while developing critical thinking and problem solving. Team work and cooperation will also be worked on during this time, ensuring that your child will create friendship bonds while having fun playing board games.

Rhythm & Dance

Dance classes will be included in the schedule twice a week in order to introduce your child to different musical styles and motor coordination. The classes will work on improving your child’s balance, memory, rhythm, flexibility, and musicality. There will also be dance battles included in the classes so that the kids can have a chance to work on what they have learned and express their originality.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Arts and crafts will consist of numerous activities that will stimulate your child’s creativity and hand-eye coordination. From free drawing and canvas painting, to creating and building different crafts, your child will have all the support and tools they need in order to let their imagination flow. During this time, the instructors will also work on introducing the kids to art-history, as they will show them different artists and techniques every week.

Puppet and Theater Creation

Puppet and theater creation will combine arts and crafts and storytelling. This will give your child a chance to put together what they have learned by merging aspects of creation and imagination. Furthermore, your child will build self-confidence and public speaking skills by presenting their puppets to their friends.

Brazilian Jiu JItsu Training

Your child will have Anti Bullying FREE classes under our well-known Anti Bullying Program during the Summer Camp. We also will work within families developing the values of jiu jitsu, such as brotherhood, developing and Integrity. They will learn Respect and Discipline, Confidence Through the Lessons of Self-Defense, Socialize and Develop New Friendships, Improve Coordination and Body Awareness, Excitement for a New Positive Hobby and the techniques of the Brazilian Martial Art.


3 classes of Anti-Bullying Program
Included for Free!!

NO Prior Martial Arts Experience is required!

Summer Camp Themes

Check out all of the themes we have to offer here at Gracie Barra!

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